Underwater City (part IV)

Posted on Aug 31, 2017
Underwater City (part IV)

It took months to finally read and process the report submitted by members of the returning Underwater City exploration team, and then another three weeks for the appropriate hearing committee to assemble. By then, rumors were flying all over Underwater City about the discovery of intelligent life on the surface of Planet Banimon.

The residents may have willingly abandoned the landmass and moved to the Underwater City after the Last War, but they still considered the entire planet (with all it’s resources) rightfully theirs. And because the expedition’s contact had been limited to the desolate area around the Tar Pits, the technological level of the surface civilization was assumed to be much lower than it really was. Underwater City was not a militarily developed state, and this was by design, as the ravages suffered in the Last War clearly soured their taste for conflict of any kind. But they were not above a little raiding, especially if the target had no way of hitting them back.

This seemed preferred by the large portion of the population, and after conducting the appropriate polling of the public, the political bodies began their complex dance to get the action agreed on and approved. Another two months of crippling debate duly followed, but this timeline was in fact considered lightning-fast compared to the norm here in Underwater City. Finally, they settled upon a reconnaissance in force, designed to plunder the coastal resources in a swift move, and then disappear back into the sea.

Expedition was entrusted to Major Hidook, a rising star of the Underwater City Navy and a scion of one of the city’s most prominent families, the Vellko. He argued for and obtained eight transports and two warships, crewed and armed to the teeth. This was all very unusual for the peace loving populace, but the rewards were promising and could indeed permit some irregularities in order to minimize the risks. As the summer drew to a close, the expedition was finally assembled and ready to go. The plan was to establish a secure base on the Lollipop Island before landing on the beaches of Party Pass and Party Beach. If no valuable resources were to be found around the immediate landing areas, Major Hidook had orders to probe as far inland as Eldorado Forest, or continue hugging the coast as far east as the Arigato Plains.

At last, they departed to the cheers of the assembled citizenry, full of hope for this new adventure.