About Banimon

Chartered Territories

Though the general consensus is that Planet Banimon is round, nobody knows where that notion came from, nor has it been proven. There are vast, unexplored (and presumed uninhibited) areas of harsh planetary desert, with a small oasis of civilization between the two oceans. Bloody Banigoth reprisals have recently pushed the rebels to the edges of the known map, making these hardened warriors into the unlikeliest of explorers.
Here is a map of the thus charted territories:map-new


More about Planet Banimon

Half a century after the Last War, Planet Banimon has changed. It is no longer fashionable or healthy to live on the surface, and what’s left of the civilized world has retreated to the Western Ocean. There, they built a vast Underwater City to accommodate all their needs.

Only a few who are either uninformed or couldn’t obtain visas to the Underwater City remain on the surface, making the best possible use of the facilities they inherited. They are a colorful bunch, mutated animals living in an abandoned rocket, a village of village idiots and a monster or two constantly on the hunt.

Tesla’s Experiments

But when a brilliant, disilussioned scientist flees the Underwater City the ballance of power is about to shift. Given an old dormant volcano as a refuge by the Banigoth, a new race of barbarians now inhabiting the abandoned industrial areas on the east, he builds a state-of-the-art secret lab and goes to work. Backed by the financial magnate Oracle, he searches for the ultimate power that will make his boss the master of the world, and wreak vengeance on those who treated him so unfairly. The source of this power? The legandary mushroom Banimon, worshipped by the Banigoth but largely unknown to the rest of the world.

The Banimon Game

In order to unleash the power of Banimon, Oracle and Tesla must stage legendary Banimon Games, a series of bizarre challenges played by the opposing teams. To make sure the game is won, they choose as their opposition the most suspect of remaining races – the fun-loving mutant animals from the Rocket Trailer Park, creatures devoid of ambition and team spirit. And so it is that these not-so-lovable losers, brought together by chance to play the role of their lives, must now learn to work together and win, or the world will enter an era of evil domination such as it has never known.

Banigoth Rampant

Since the Banigoth Horde has first appeared on the edge of the Frozen Plains, a lot has happened. They overran the entire East Bank, held off a challenge from the upstart Red Army in the Battle of Tesla Mountain and shrugged off the theft of Banimon to proceed on a mission to conquer the Universe. Finally, overextended supply lines cost them dearly as their conquest ground to a halt during the bloody offensive on Planet Havvacor. After a ceasefire was declared, the Banigoth turned to eradicating resistance on their home planet once and for all, crushing the Rebellion and sending a clear message that the setback on Havvacor was just a temporary hiccup.

Khar-Hurrians Appear

With Banigoth and Havvacor as the two glactic superpowers in a frantic race for colonies and resources, a mighty race of aliens shows up on a huge fleet of pyramid spaceships. These are the Khar-Hurrians, mysterious civilization traveling through the Universe, powerful enough to conquer, yet content to trade. But they carry a dark secret that could threaten all life on all planets. Will the Rejects return in this hour of need?