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Banimon from the past:

It’s been six years since our first toy release of any kind, and almost two since Banimon figures first debuted. In all that time, our primary concern was always artistic integrity and collectability. No two runs are alike, they are all sold in limited-quantities and each colorway has its unique place within the Banimon saga.

These are all our documented runs of production figures to date that were available to general public. Other releases or variations (collaborations, Custom Corps, prototypes, special heads/builds and test shots) not included in this list are documented elsewhere.

Apocalypse Sarvos

Apocalypse Banigoth

Red Army Men

Winter Opps

Red Army
Fire Eaters

Iron Guard

Revolutionary Guard

Ghost Trooper

Red Army
Muscle Men

T-011 Bunkerbuster

Tank Crew

Banigoth Havvacor Opps

Banigoth Mercs

Havvacor Defence Front

Red Army T-011

Red Army Men MKII

Hellsmoortal Tank

Banigoth Tank Crew

Border Patrol

Banigoth Invisibles

Artemisium Invasion Tank

Artemisium Invasion Desert Dogs

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