The Rai

Posted on Aug 23, 2016
The Rai

Who was this fearsome enemy that could make powerful Khar-Hurrians adopt a civilization-wide code of silence as they flee to the far reaches of the Universe? Before appearing on the edges of Khar-05 galaxy, these Rai had attacked and completely annihilated three previous worlds. Completely.

Each time, they would kill, burn and destroy all living things, draining all life and resources from a planet before destroying it and moving onto the next one. This process was usually quick, because Rai were quite used to it by now. Ssessell, their god of war, demanded that the Rai should not rest until they remain the only form of life remaining in the Universe, and so they marched on.

Rai attacked every planet in Khar-05 simultaneously. Another two races perished when planet Taurus feel. Farda held out for a full month, their dogged resistance drawing most of the Rai invasion force to them. Then they too perished, but their heroic stand provided their neighbors with unexpected breathing space. On their home planet, Hurria, the Khar-Hurrians left a small force to man the anti-space artillery and die to the last, buying precious time for the rest of their people to make their escape. Government, army, services, everything and everyone got on ships and took off. As they started on their long, dangerous migration, they watched Hurria burn in the distance, the planet’s death another offering to Ssessell.

The Rai too, clearly saw their enemies escape in the distance. Unable to pursue immediately upon taking over Khar-05, they took note of the direction Khar-Hurrians were going, confident of eventually catching up to them and finishing the job.