The Reckoning, Part II

Posted on Jul 16, 2016
The Reckoning, Part II

Inside the pirate lair, a fortune in plunder is found, but then Admiral Babur discovers something far more precious – maps to the secret Idiranium mines. He decides to hide this discovery from even his most trusted lieutenants, at least for now. A force of divided loyalties that was held together by their hatred for the pirates could quickly turn into pirates themselves with the right incentive, or could just as easily turn against each other. A faction in possession of these maps would quickly become the undisputed superpower of the Galaxy, and probably much farther. And for general who brought this kind of information home? Riches untold, titles, power, adoration of his people. But Admiral Babur also knew something others didn’t.

He was a Khar-Hurrian, a member of a race that carried a dark secret. Their massive trek across the Universe, with the whole civilization packed on countless spaceships was borne of desperation. The Banigoth and Havvacorians saw a powerful new faction arriving on the scene and threatening their holdings. But the Khar-Hurrians were desperate to avoid war, for they were in process of fleeing one. They were not conquerors, but refugees. And the power that broke them was immense, awesome and coming this way. The Rai.

Fear of the Rai is what drove Khar-Hurrians onward, in search of a new home someplace safe and remote. Their plan was simple: uncover new worlds, make allies and trade partners, and them keep moving forward, putting these new friends between them and their Rai nemesis. Commitment to this plan, and executing it in secrecy, was the bond all Khar-Hurrians shared, for their very civilization’s survival was in peril. But Babur had fought with and against these people as a mercenary, and had developed a respect for them. The martial ferocity of Banigoth. The dogged determination and love of their rocky planet Havvacorians shared. The variety of species and cultures on Planet Banimon.

And at last, Admiral Babur knew what to do. He will use the Idiranium maps to unite them and make a stand against the Rai. For all their futures.