New Banimon drop this Friday!

Posted on Feb 2, 2016
New Banimon drop this Friday!

Our next drop is Friday, February 5 at 9pm EST right here on Planet Banimon – and it’s all about the builders and the customizers. In that spirit, it will be a fairly small one in terms of quantities (but not variety!) so you may want to get your shopping in early.

Banimon Pseudo CC
Orbitdyne X Rocket North
Seth had done some head sculpts for the Banimon CC1 back in the day, but we really wanted to do a project where we get to dive in more and get our hands dirty together. So having the clears to work with for the first time along with the appearance of some new characters in the Banimon universe has been the perfect opportunity. This one has something for everyone: marauders, 3D-printed weapons, vinyl, etc. We are experimenting with a few different things on this drop (more info on that in a future post) hence the “Pseudo”.

Banigoth Invisibles
(clear colorless production PVC)
The first time this mold has been run in any kind of clear. No paint apps to keep the cost down and provide virgin clear canvas for your airbrush. Matches perfectly with all other clears across Glyos toy lines.

More pics and full lineup coming later in the week. Hope to see you there!!!